Multiple Sclerosis Research Treatment and Education (MS Research) is
a national charity dedicated to furthering our understanding of MS and developing better treatments. 
There are currently are 100,000 people 
in the UK diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis(MS) and many more affected by it.
 It is the most common cause of disability in young people. Symptoms can include muscle weakness, fatigue, tremor, bladder and bowel problems, sensory problems, difficulty walking and visual impairment. 
If we are selected as your chosen charity then you will be helping to fund vital MS research which will enable us to:
·         - find better answers to the problems those who have MS and those close to them face every day
·         - maximise vital opportunities to bring us closer to an eventual cure
·         - help to overcome the inadequacies and inequalities of treatment
·         - further our understanding of MS and its impact.

Thank you for your support.

Registered Charity No: 1043280




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