KidsAid helps children overcome traumatic events or troubling emotions. Fear, anger or  rejection can damage their wellbeing, mental health... and chances in life.
We see young people whose behaviour is challenging, who withdraw or self harm and who struggle with social relationships. Sometimes, there’s a trigger like abuse, neglect, domestic abuse or bereavement.
Putting these kinds of feelings into words is often difficult or even impossible. our qualified and experienced therapists help children to communicate their feelings and experienced using the language of play, art and drama to stimulate imagination and self expression. Our creative and child-centred therapies give children a voice to ensure they feel heard and understood.
By providing this kind of early intervention we hope to build emotional resilience in our young clients, reducing the likelihood of them developing enduring mental health, social or behavioural problems later in their lives and supporting them to enjoy a fulfilling life and a happier future...
Email: info@kidsaid.org.uk
Registered Charity No: 1122047

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