Hawthorn Tree Community Children’s Centre has been operating since 2002, providing low cost, high-quality childcare and education facilities for children ages 2-11 years. As a charitable organisation, we are managed by a group of trustees comprised of parents and grandparents of children accessing the centre. 


The centre currently operates out of a portakabin-style building which is now 14 years old. For a number of years the trustees have been engaged in an ongoing project to secure land and funding for a purpose built, permanent structure. 


The centre has been given an acre of land as part of a planning agreement for residential development adjacent to Hawthorn Tree School. Our building project has received funding from the local authority to support the lack of affordable childcare in the local area, together with funding accrued from our own fundraising efforts. Help us grow our Centre! We are hugely excited to see our brand new purpose built Children's Centre taking shape. We are now ready to begin our fundraising drive to finish the project. We have currently raised around £370k for the project so far. We need to raise a further £150k to finish the interior and exterior environments. Our first target is £30k which will pay for the interior finishes.


With this is mind, we have decided to participate in fundraising with Help us grow! 


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