Welcome to Greyhound Gap

(Registered charity number 1158499)

Greyhound Gap is a totally independent rescue. We are committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming death row greyhounds and lurchers, as well as the odd ‘oops’ breed that find themselves at risk of euthanasia in the UK stray pounds. 

Greyhound Gap operates on a national basis, taking dogs into their care from across the whole of the UK. We have around 40-50 dogs at anyone time in our kennels based in Kidsgrove Stoke on Trent and around 30-40 either in temporary foster until a home can be found or permanent foster for those dogs with ongoing and medical needs meaning they can not be rehomed. Greyhound Gap supports fully the costs of these dogs.

As a charity, we run solely on donations, and rely heavily on our network ofvolunteers, fundraisers and you the general public. We do NOT get government assistance. Every penny raised for Greyhound Gap goes to helping dogs. Quite simply, if we cannot raise funds, we cannot rescue dogs. There is no safety net for us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for lending your support to the hounds here at Greyhound Gap. If you do find something you would like to purchase, every penny of the 50% we receive will be spent on the dogs. 

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