Their fundamental pledge
Against Breast Cancer fund research to improve detection and increase survival after diagnosis. We focus on ‘secondary spread’ – the main cause of death from breast cancer.
Did you know...
Against Breast Cancer was formed in 1992 by one volunteer. Today volunteers form the backbone of our work and we rely on them to fulfil a number of key roles, not only at events but within our offices where they are considered integral members of the team. The charity employs fewer than 10 members of staff.
What makes Against Breast Cancer different
Our research spun out of a discovery (published in The Lancet in 1987) by our Founder Dr Leathem which identified a chemical difference between aggressive and non-aggressive breast cancer cells. This discovery has been at the core of our research strategy and to this day Dr Leathem remains a Trustee of Against Breast Cancer.
Today our researchers, based at the Glycoprotein Therapeutics laboratory at the University of Oxford, are developing new approaches based on harnessing the body's own immune system to recognise and destroy secondary cancer cells while avoiding any damage to healthy tissue surrounding them.
This 4-year project has the aim of developing new treatments for secondary breast cancer. As its conclusion, we hope to have made and tested new 'bi-specific' antibodies that will be ready to begin clinical testing.
Other ways to support
We consider our volunteers an invaluable resource. They each bring with them a unique combination of experience, understanding and enthusiasm that the charity would otherwise have to pay to recruit. Whether the are young or old, we value their commitment highly and will endeavour to give them the tools required to take on any task.
To find out more about volunteering for Against Breast Cancer, visit our website againstbreastcancer.org.uk
Registered Charity Number – 1121258 

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