It is getting to that time of year again when we can start thinking about planting bulbs! Are you new to gardening? Or a keen collector of varieties? A container Gardener? Whatever you do in your garden, spring flowering bulbs are so great and versatile, you are guaranteed great results! What better way to brighten up your garden with a gorgeous mass of Spring colour from flower bulbs that you have planted?! 


Bulbs are a fun way of getting your garden ready for the spring! In the Autumn you want to be planting Spring flowering bulbs like; Narcissi, more commonly known as Daffodils, Hyacinths and Crocus followed by Tulips. All planting to be done by late November.


It really is rather special to plant bulbs in the Autumn and then look after them, nurture them and watch them grow. To then get a wonderful surprise in the spring when they bloom! 


Help Us Grow has launched it’s fantastic new Autumn Bulb Catalogue specifically for charities, schools and organisations to raise money with. 


Every bulb that is sold through Help Us Grow gives 50% to one of these organisations so not only can you feel great knowing that will have a gorgeous garden next spring, but also you are helping your chosen charity fundraise!


Let us Help YOU Grow..