People like to help, but they need to know what and how they are helping. Studies show that giving to charity benefits the person donating as much as the organization receiving. People like the feeling of ‘giving’, scientific research shows that it gives a feeling as pleasurable as eating chocolate! We also know that people are more likely to donate, if they know exactly where the money raised will go. HUG gives 50% directly to the participating organization, so make sure your supporters know what you are going to spend it on and why!


Keep Supporters Updated

Update your supporters on the success of individual  fundraisers. Each time you let them know what a difference their support is making, they’ll get that sweet just eaten a bar of chocolate feeling! Fundraising is a team effort, so remember to keep your team members in the loop!


Be Bold!

Don’t be afraid to think BIG! But be realistic. It’s important to have high expectations of what you want to achieve. A substantial goal will drive both you and your supporters to achieve great success.


Talk it Up!

Get your intentions out there before hand. discuss in class, put up posters, send emails, Tweet it, Instagram and FaceBook use. Think of it like a drum roll… a red carpet… an amuse bouche! And like all of those things… it’s about building the excitement BEFORE the Main Event!


Say Thank You!

It may seem obvious, but people like to feel appreciated. So let your supporters know, Not only how much you raised and what that means, but also more importantly, acknowledge the part they played in your success. This will also ensure your supporters get on board with your next fundraising challenge!