About us


At HUG HQ we have just one thing on our minds - Helping YOU Grow, we are growers, it is in our blood!  


It all began as Bell Brothers Nurseries LTD, a fourth-generation family run business, based in Lincolnshire, which began in horticulture back in the 1950’s. Now a leading supplier of horticultural and non horticultural products into supermarkets and retail stores all over the UK and Ireland.


In those 60 years, we have also been growing our family. As parents across the generations, we’ve been asked for money in every way imaginable to help raise much needed funds for our children’s schools,charities that are close to our hearts and other non-profit organisations that we are connected with.


Unfortunately, we have never won anything on a raffle…! 


So we decided to take it a step further with our generous giving and fundraising and develop a side of the business that could “help us grow”, of which HUG was born!


So what we do now is bigger, it's as BIG as you like! We help schools, charities and non-profit organisations across the UK raise much needed funds through the retail of our products that we have developed alongside them.


 The concept is simple and easy. You handle no merchandise or payments, we ask for no commitment what so ever. We just supply great products, fun marketing material and make donations upto 50% of the fundraising total straight to you!


 We take less so you can have more, it’s like a fundraising hug!


If you would like to know more about how Help us grow can help you, please click here to send us an email.